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Four Tet releases surprise new LP; stream or download it now

By ; January 15, 2013 at 6:33 AM 

four tet text 0181

Four Tet doesn’t seem to be one for traditional album releases anymore, but this seems mostly due to the fact that he’s being too productive. Last year’s Pink was the summation of a year or so’s worth of 7″ singles culminated into an album, and today sees the producer releasing an album’s worth of entirely new material out of the blue.

Four Tet announced the LP out of the blue on his twitter and facebook with the announcement “I am going to release a new Four Tet LP today.” In the next tweet he revealed that its title is 0181.

Anyone thinking that he was merely messing around were quickly silenced as Hebden announced he was uploading the album and promptly presented 0181 on Soundcloud for immediate listening within the hour of its announcement. The details around the release are scant, but the soundcloud caption tells us that 0181 was “Produced by Kieran Hebden between 1997 and 2001.”

You can hear 0181 on Soundcloud or embedded just below. The album is also available for free download but will also see vinyl release through Four Tet’s own TEXT label imprint as release TEXT021, although the date has not yet been confirmed.

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