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Foals reveal more details of new album Holy Fire

By ; October 26, 2012 at 9:20 AM 

One of 2010’s biggest and best surprises was the leap Oxford’s Foals made from math rock yell captains to songwriters with more sophistication and pedigree than many gave them credit for. The excellent Total Life Forever marked the first time band leader Yannis Philippakis flexed his vocal muscles, and the group focused their erratic tendencies into songs that were more than just exhausting instrumental exercises. This past weekend, on the group’s Facebook page, band member Edwin Congreave announced the group’s new album Holy Fire.

“word up. big news from our thirrrd rekid. namely: the name. it’s called HOLY FIRE. and it’s like meaningful or something. dig it, or don’t. either way it’s coming soon.”

UPDATE: Today Foals have cleared a few things up, unveiling the album’s release date to be February 11th. Production duties for Holy Fire have been entrusted to Flood & Moulder, and the album’s recording location is London’s Assault and Battery Studios. As for singles, “Inhaler” will be the first from Holy Fire, and will be premiered on radio on November 5th. Definitely something to be excited about in the coming months, if I may say so myself. In the meantime, check out the video for “Spanish Sahara,” from the band’s Mercury Prize-nominated sophomore album Total Life Forever, below.

While few details about the album were revealed, The band will be conducting a small tour of the UK through November and December, so expect some grainy YouTube videos of the new material in the coming months.


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