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Flea tells more about the Atoms For Peace album

By ; September 30, 2011 at 6:33 PM 

It was quite a surprise when we found out last week that Atoms For Peace, the super group headed up by Thom Yorke and including Nigel Godrich and Flea amongst others, have an album in the works. The band finished touring almost 18 months ago and we’ve heard little about it since. We thought Thom and Nigel had returned to Radiohead to record, release and tour The King Of Limbs, while Flea did the same with Red Hot Chili Peppers and I’m With You, and that would be the last we’d hear of Atoms For Peace.

However, last week on Gilles Peterson’s Radio 1 show Yorke revealed that the Atoms For Peace album is nearing completion. Following on from this Flea has spoken to Rolling Stone more about the album. Of the recording process Flea says that following the conclusion of last year’s tour the band went into the studio for three days to record and then “Thom and Nigel have taken that stuff and done shit with it. I’ve heard little bits and pieces. I have no idea when it’s going to come out. Not real soon though.”

Of the sound of the album Flea was tight lipped; “I kinda feel like it’s not really my place to talk about that stuff. The mystery should be the mystery.” Despite sounding slightly cool on the project there Flea revealed that it is actually the complete opposite case, and he would like to tour some more: “I imagine that will probably happen… I just have a warm place in my heart and my mind and my balls for the whole fucking concept.”

The fact that we won’t hear it soon is disappointing, but this being one of the most intensely interesting lineups in a group for a while, the wait should hopefully be worth it.

[via Pitchfork]

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