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Eminem puts film on hold to focus on new music

By ; May 9, 2012 at 11:59 AM 

As you may be aware, Eminem has long been flirting with plans for another foray into cinema. While it’s been a long time since his 8 Mile “debut” (in reality he’d already gone uncredited in Dr. Dre’s The Wash), Mathers like caught the acting bug once more on the set of Entourage and his brutal Funny People appearance.

Hence, a number of projects have come and gone, a thriller titled Have Gun, Will Travel, Shady Talez, which was rumored to be some crazed take on Alice in Wonderland and, most recently, Southpaw, a boxing drama. Word was that Em was serious this time, and genuinely meant to shoot the film, even applying for Michigan film incentives, as he intended the film to be set in Detroit, and pump some money into his beloved, limping state.

Now, as reported by the Detroit Free Press, Mathers has once more put his return to film on hold: in favor of a quicker release of his next musical project. Executive Vice President of marketing and publicity at Interscope, Dennis Dennehy, explains, ““He’s focusing on his music right now, so while he’s doing that, while he’s in that space, he wanted to put this on hold for the time being.”

If the album is similar to Recovery, perhaps it’s nothing to be overly excited for, but as we previously reported, Marshall’s been putting in time with DJ Premier, so perhaps his new musical bug will bring him closer to the Eminem that fans have been waiting for. Stay tuned for more as it hits the rumor mill, hopefully we have an exciting project ahead of us.

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