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Dirty Projectors heading into studio this summer

By ; June 21, 2011 at 2:52 AM 

Bitte Orca, the remarkable 2009 effort from Dirty Projectors, changed the game dramatically for the art-rock band, thrusting them onto major festival bills and into sold-out concert halls. And, deservedly so. Still, the extent that Dirty Projectors toured behind the record made it seem like it would be a long while before we got anything new from the band (not to mention the fact that some members were even branching off to other projects and collaborations).

Well, it seems like we might have a new Dirty Projectors record sooner than anticipated, at the band just made the following encouraging post on their Facebook: “hey all, dave longstreth has been working on new songs since january, and we are all getting really psyched! the band is getting together later this month to hang, listen and prepare. recording this summer. so excited for the next chapter! thanks so much for all your support ♥”

We will keep you posted on further developments, but look forward to a new Dirty Projectors in the foreseeable future.


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