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Details for Sleep Over’s debut album revealed; download an MP3 now

By ; July 29, 2011 at 3:37 PM 

Sleep ∞ Over (yes that ∞ is supposed to be there, but our title font can’t handle it hence the omission) is the project of Austin, TX’s Stefanie Franciotti. Franciotti puts together psychedelic electronica soundscapes with simple drum machine beats and her own heavenly vocals that create the sort of music that seems to emanate from dreams, perhaps hence the name Sleep ∞ Over.

The debut album is called Forever and comes out on September 27th through Hippos in Tanks Records. That’s the cover art above, and below you’ll find the track list and a free download of the angelic “Romantic Streams.”

Forever track list:

01. Behind Closed Doors
02. Romantic Streams
03. Porcelain Hands
04. The Heavens Turn By Themselves
05. Casual Diamond
06. Crying Game
07. Flying Saucers Are Real
08. Stickers
09. Untitled
10. Don’t Poison Everything

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