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Deerhunter announce their new album Halcyon Digest

By ; July 9, 2010 at 4:01 PM 

We thought May this year was stacked with highly anticipated releases, but it appears as though September could be even moreso. With No Age, Black Mountain, Panda Bear and reportedly Kanye West amongst several others dropping their new albums then we wouldn’t have expected much more, until Deerhunter came along and added the cherry on top.

The Atlanta outfit will release their fourth full length album Halcyon Digest through 4AD on Septmber 28th. This follows on from last year’s Rainwater Cassette Exchange EP and 2008’s critically acclaimed Microcastle (one of our favourites of the last decade).

The band have also set up a new website for promotion of the album, where you can hear a tiny ambient clip on repeat that may or may not form part of a new song, who knows? Additional to this they outline a scheme wherein you can print out the lo-fi flyer for the album (pictured above), stick it up around your neighbourhood, take pictures of your work and receive in return an mp3 from Halcyon Glow. For more detailed instructions visit the website.

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