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Deer Tick set new album release for October, release first song for free download

By ; August 16, 2011 at 5:28 PM 

You might not have expected to return so soon since their third album The Black Dirst Sessions was released just last summer, but the band from Providence, Rhode Island are looking to surprise you.

Their new album is named Divine Providence, seemingly as a tribute to their hometown. The album comes out on October 25th through Partisan Records. Divine Providence is set to be a direct reaction to the criticisms of Deer Tick’s past work according to singer John McCauley, who says “After so many years of critics praising [and making fun of] us for our ‘folk’ and ‘country’ sounds, and hardly ever mentioning the fact that we’ve also recorded virtually dozens of other kinds of music, we wanted to make a record that was truer to our live set: raw, loud, heartfelt, and completely uninterested in whatever the hell the rest of the music industry is up to… The results are unlike anything you’ve heard on a Deer Tick album.” Quite a claim.

Deer Tick are giving away a free track from Divine Providence called “Miss K.” It doesn’t really capture the “raw” or “loud” that McCauley describes, but it is pretty darn catchy. Check out the song below.

Divine Providence track list:

01. The Bump
02. Funny Word
03. Let’s All Go to the Bar
04. Clownin’ Around
05. Main Street
06. Chevy Express
07. Something to Brag About
08. Walkin Out the Door
09. Make Believe
10. Now It’s Your Turn
11. Electric
12. Miss K.

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