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David Bowie shoots down Coachella rumors

By ; January 27, 2009 at 6:49 PM 

David Bowie’s site posted an update today saying that he is not playing this years Coachella festival. While it’s normal for big acts to deny rumors, or not comment on them -this does not look good for people that wanted to see Bowie at this years California festival. In fact, some might say this is the nail in the coffin. However, in years past the festival promoters have added big name acts closer to the festival date. So it wouldn’t be too surprising if Bowie and the promoters made it look like it isn’t going to happen just so they can pull a complete surprise on us.

However, this is probably closer to being in denial, or just hoping too much. So as of now, it is pretty safe to assume Bowie is in fact not playing Coachella this year.

See Bowie’s update after the jump:

What’s Really Happening…

It’s time for the annual Coachella denial. (11.21.2007 NEWS: BOWIE AT COACHELLA 2008…NOT)

The story goes that David Bowie was in talks to perform his Ziggy Stardust album at the festival this year, the rumour really took hold and the ‘news’ was reported online around the globe and in the English press.

You may have already seen the denial over at NME.com, but I’m sure the majority of you saw this tale for what it was anyway: poppycock!

However, we feel duty-bound to deny this particular story here too, lest members be fleeced of their hard-earned.

While we’re about it, David Bowie does not have a Twitter account.

– Brent Koepp

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