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Crystal Castles announce second album

By ; April 13, 2010 at 3:21 PM 

Rambunctious Canadian electro duo Crystal Castles have revealed the details behind their upcoming sophomore album, which like the first is either self-titled or untitled depending upon how you look upon it. Either way it will end up getting known as Crystal Castles 2 or Crystal Castles’ Second Album in all likelihood.

The label Fiction are releasing it on both sides of the Atlantic; June 7th In Europe and June 8th in America.

The cover for Crystal Castles 2 is the picture displayed above and the track list is below.

01 Fainting Spells
02 Celestica
03 Doe Deer
04 Baptism
05 Year of Silence
06 Empathy
07 Suffocation
08 Violent Dreams
09 Vietnam
10 Birds
11 Pap Smear
12 Not in Love
13 Intimate
14 I Am Made of Chalk

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