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Cassettes Won’t Listen gets cease and desist from Kevin Spacey, renames album EVINSPACEY

By ; May 9, 2011 at 5:37 PM 

Cassettes Won’t Listen, the project of Los Angeles producer and multi-instrumentalist Jason Drake, doesn’t create confrontational music. One listen to single “Perfect Day” reveals a pleasant and smooth pop-jam fitting of a title like “Perfect Day.” However, Drake seems to know how to get in trouble, and this time is has resulted in a forced album title change.

Originally titled KEVINSPACEY, Cassettes Won’t Listen were served a cease and desist order from the actor, forcing a change to, uh, EVINSPACEY. This will not help the actor’s indie-cred, which has been plummeting since Pay It Forward, K-PAX… I could go on and on. For Drake, though, this continues a tradition of ruffling feathers, as he was also served a cease and desist in 2008 from the RIAA when he mashed-up a then to-be-released Chinese Democracy with Ludacris verses, titled Ludacris Democracy.

The album will still be released on June 21st via Daylight Curfew and we have the aforementioned “Perfect Day” for you below. Enjoy!

Cassettes Won’t Listen – Perfect Day by One Thirty BPM

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