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Bright Eyes returns with The People’s Key, due February 15th

By ; November 30, 2010 at 4:04 PM 

“Years ago, I was an angry young man,” David Byrne once sang, but today Conor Oberst is the paradigm of reformed rebellious teens. He still acts-up from time to time (“Coyote Song”), but since debuting as Bright Eyes in the late ’90s, he has spent the last few years performing under his given name and writing the kind of songs your parents would like.

Here’s something that you and your folks can both get excited about, then: Bright Eyes will release an album of new material on February 15th, 2011 (via Saddle Creek) titled The People’s Key. To say that this news is exciting and welcome is an understatement and a half.

Two dates have been lined-up, but we’re suspecting more will follow to add to the NYC stop at Radio City Music Hall on March 9th and June 23rd at London’s Royal Albert Hall. There should be some music festivals in between those two dates, right? Below is the tracklisting for the Michael Mogis-produced affair. Let’s hope some of the pissed off man-child that was so captivating is present. (via P4K)

The People’s Key:

01 Firewall
02 Shell Games
03 Jejune Stars
04 Approximate Sunlight
05 Haile Selassie
06 A Machine Spiritual (In the People’s Key)
07 Triple Spiral
08 Beginner’s Mind
09 Ladder Song
10 One for You, One for Me

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