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Brendan Canning announces new album with Cookie Duster; Listen to first single

By ; February 28, 2012 at 9:01 PM 

Not that the Broken Social Scene family tree needed anything else to confuse it, guitarist and singer of the seminal Canadian collective is putting out an album with his old band Cookie Duster. Brendan Canning is reuniting the band that released one self-titled album over ten years ago for 2012’s When Flying Was Easy, set for release May 15th on SQE. The album’s first single “Two Feet Stand Up” is a pretty traditional indie rock track, but Canning’s signature bass guitar noise is all over it. Maybe it’s just me and my obsession with his criminally underrated solo album Something For All of Us, but I could pick a Canning song out of a lineup any day. Stream “Two Feet Stand Up” below and check out the album’s tracklist as well.

When Flying Was Easy
01 Cut Me, Focus
02 Daddy’s Got the Medicine
03 Something Evil Again
04 Two Feet Stand Up
05 We Stepped on Glass
06 Standing Alongside Gone
07 Black Car Waiting
08 No Solo
09 Living on a Fine Line
10 Shot in the Dark
11 Space Will Follow
12 Where Are My Young Ones

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