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Blonde Redhead curate benefit album for Japan featuring unreleased tracks from Deerhunter, Interpol, Four Tet and more

By ; December 1, 2011 at 7:34 PM 

Pitchfork reports that Blonde Redhead frontwoman Kazu Makino has been hard at work calling in favours from friends in all sorts of great bands to put together a compilation album to help benefit Japan, where they are still recovering from the devastating tsunami of early this year. Makino, a Japanese native, has managed to get tracks from many great bands including 4AD labelmates Deerhunter, Interpol, Four Tet, John Maus to name just a few. She’s even got the elusive Karin Andersson aka Fever Ray (although she’s decided to go with her birth name for this song) and Makino has put her own spin on Liars’ track “Drip.”

The compilation is called We Are The Works In Progress (cover art above) and comes out on January 10th through Blonde Redhead’s new imprint Asa Wa Kuru (Japanese for “Morning Will Come”). The proceeds go to Japan Earthquake Relief Fund and Architecture for Humanity.

Most or all of the songs on the compilation are unreleased, mainly due to the fact that they are still works in progress (hence the title of the compilation). Makino says that “Unfinished things often carry more energy… the possibility of it eventually becoming something great is infinite without having to be quite yet.”

Check out the track list below.

01. Four Tet – Moma
02. Karin Andersson – No Face
03. Terry Riley – G Song
04. Nosaj Thing – Nightcrawler
05. John Roberts – Berceuse
06. Blonde Redhead – Penny Sparkle [Drew Brown remix]
07. Pantha du Prince – Bird on a Wire
08. Broadcast – In Here the World Begins
09. Liars – Drip (Blonde Redhead remix)
10. Deerhunter – Curve
11. Stalactite – Stalagmite
12. John Maus – Castles in the Grave
13. David Sylvian/Ryuichi Sakamoto – Bamboo House
14. Interpol – Song Seven

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