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Bjork’s Biophilia will be an iPad app album

By ; June 1, 2011 at 5:23 PM 

Biophilia was never going to be a normal album; the first we heard of it was in the form of a “media project,” the live performances that are set to accompany the release will feature specially-conceptualized instruments and, well, it is Björk.

Biophilia will see a conventional release, but the headlining grabbing aspect of the project is its digital release. Biophilia is set to have ten tracks on it, and there will be a video for every song, at least one of which is directed by Michel Gondry. Additionally, every song has its own individual iPad app, which is also housed within one big Biophilia mother app.

According to The Guardian “each of the smaller apps will relate to a different track from the album, allowing people to explore and interact with the song’s themes or even make a completely new version. It will also be an evolving entity that will grow as and when the album’s release schedule dictates, with new elements added.”

If you’re unsure exactly what that means, the example being given is for the song “Virus.” The app for “Virus” will feature an in-depth study of viruses attacking a cell and it will also a feature a game wherein the user must attempt to halt the viral attack.

It all sounds pretty next level. There are no release dates announced for any of this, so those of you who have iPads will have to wait and see what exactly the full set apps does. Those of us with iPods will just wait for the new music, which is after all the main event.


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