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Beach Fossils bring What A Pleasure EP on March 8th

By ; February 7, 2011 at 10:31 AM 

Beach Fossils self-titled debut was one of my favorite albums of last year. It was small-seeming but noble, showcasing a bright, young songwriter in Dustin Payseur and allowing the performer to turn the solo-ish project into an actual band. So it is with much anticipation and excitement that the announcement of a new, 8-song EP from the group is received. And, a couple of the details only add to this.

For one, Payseur has opened up the band to more ideas and will share the songwriting duties with bassist John Pena. The result will reportedly be both more mature and contain a cleaner recording style. Plus, one track titled “Out In The Way” will feature Wild Nothing’s mastermind Jack Tatum. Check out the track listing to both the vinyl and cd releases for the What A Pleasure EP below, and pick it up March 8th on Captured Tracks.

Tracklist 12″ EP
1. Moments
2. What A Pleasure
3. Fall Right In
4. Out In the Way (feat. Jack Tatum)
5. Distance
6. Calyer
7. Adversity

Tracklist CD EP
1. Moments
2. What a Pleasure
3. Fall Right In
4. Out In the Way (feat. Jack Tatum)
5. Face It
6. Distance
7. Calyer
8. Adversity

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