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Artist of the Week: Portugal. The Man

By ; December 22, 2013 at 2:16 PM 

Portugal. The Man has quietly become one of the most consistent bands out since releasing their debut album Wait: You Vultures! in 2006. A five-piece group that has roots in Wasilla, Alaska and is based out of Portland, Oregon, Portugal. The Man offers an electrifying blend of Psychedelic pop and indie rock for listeners. Their output has been nothing short of remarkable too, as they released six albums in as many years, one better than the next. The band has encountered a revolving door of group members since forming in 2004, but their current roster of co-founders John Gourley (lead vocals, guitar) and Zachary Carothers (bass guitar, backing vocals), as well as Kyle O’Quin (keyboards), Kane Ritchotte (drums) and Zoe Manville (backing vocals) have captured the perfect balance of skill, wit and charm when it comes to their music. Each individual has likewise played an integral piece of the puzzle on their road to success, especially their live performance. Their latest album Evil Friends is arguably their best yet as Portugal. The Man teamed up with Grammy-winning producer Danger Mouse in the studio, who challenged the group’s creativity every step of the way. The partnership clearly paid off, resulting in stellar cuts like “Purple Yellow Red and Blue,” “Modern Jesus” and “Waves.” The latter track finds Gourley delivering thought-provoking words with a political undertone over a moody backdrop. It’s this union of insight and entertainment that demonstrates Portugal. The Man’s musical purpose. You’d be hard-pressed to find another group quite like them. Read the full interview with Portugal. The Man over on Pepsi Pulse.
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