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Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs deluxe edition will have 2 new songs

By ; April 18, 2011 at 2:52 PM 

This June 27th Merge Records will rerelease the Grammy-winning Arcade Fire album The Suburbs. Yes, it is less than a year after the original release of the album, but such is the music business. However, it seems that the band and Merge have a couple of good reasons for doing so (other than trying to get more sales).

The Suburbs deluxe edition will come packaged with the DVD of the Arcade Fire and Spike Jonze short film collaboration Scenes From The Suburbs. And, for those more interested in the music, it will come with two brand new songs called “Speaking In Tongues” and “Culture War,” the latter of which definitely sounds like it fits in with the themes of the album. The two songs were recorded in the same sessions as the cuts that made it on to The Suburbs.

If you can’t wait for June 27th to hear the new songs then don’t worry, they will be payed on BBC radio on May 23rd. For now watch the trailer for Scenes From The Suburbs below.

[via CoS]

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