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UPDATE: Animal Collective to release new EP Fall Be Kind, tracklist, artwork, release dates revealed

By ; November 9, 2009 at 3:30 PM 

Animal Collective Night

According to Amazon.com, Animal Collective will be releasing a new record on December 8th. Visits to Domino’s US site have turned up devoid of any information… so far. Presumably, this will end up as an E.P., given Amazon’s $11.38 and $9.98 price tags for vinyl and C.D. respectively.

Back in August, fan site Collected Animals posted that a new EP would be coming sometime this year with live tracks “From a Beach” and “Grace” making appearances on the EP.


Avey Tare confirmed the EP during an interview with Pitchfork. Other topics discussed include a tour hiatus and their upcoming film.

Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind EP

01. Graze
02. What Would I Want? Sky
03. Bleed
04. On a Highway
05. I Think I Can

Run time: 28 minutes
Label: Domino
Release Dates (unconfirmed):
-Digital: mid November
-CD/Vinyl: December 8th



Animal Collective - Fall Be Kind EP


Animal Collective are set to release the new five track studio EP, Fall Be Kind, on November 23rd 2009 (digitally) and 15th December (physically).

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