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A Place To Bury Strangers return with new LP this summer, give away new song

By ; April 2, 2012 at 12:57 PM 

Having already released a 5-track EP of new material this year in the form of Onwards to the Wall, it’s maybe somewhat surprising that A Place To Bury Strangers are already announcing the release of their new album, but that’s just the kind of hard workers they are.

The album is entitled Worship and is due out through Dead Oceans on June 26th (those living in Europe will get it 2 weeks early on June 11th). You can tell just by looking at the cover art (below) that it shares thematic similarities to the EP, and the press release confirms that this album “continue[s] the evolution of songwriting that began with Onwards to the Wall, interweaving threads of krautrock, dream-pop, and 80s goth without ever losing the edge that is quintessentially Strangers.”

Worship was recorded and mixed entirely by the band, and it’s something that they’re extremely proud of. Bassist Dion Lunadon believes that “it is [their] vision of what our music should sound like in 2012, not someone else’s interpretation.”

Going on to describe the sound of the album he says

“Every sound on the album is made by us and our tools; tools created by us, used on no other recordings, and purposefully built for this project. This is real. Some of it is the band being in complete control — bending, shaping and building the songs and the sounds. Other parts are the band relinquishing control and letting the songs and sounds take over and produce themselves. We are not trying to reinvent ourselves, but simply push ourselves further in all aspects of our music.”

You can hear a taste of that with “You Are The One,” the first single from the album, which can be streamed or downloaded below. Beneath that you’ll see Worship‘s cover and track list.

Worship track list:

01. Alone
02. You Are The One
03. Mind Control
04. Worship
05. Fear
06. Dissolved
07. Why I Can’t Cry Anymore
08. Revenge
09. And I’m Up
10. Slide
11. Leaving Tomorrow


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