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500 copies of Lil Wayne’s Rebirth shipped early

By ; December 16, 2009 at 8:02 PM 


It looks like the holidays have come early for a few Weezy fans. Amazon.com has accidentally shipped 500 copies of Lil Wayne’s upcoming rock-influenced album, Rebirth, to some lucky customers who get to have the album before it’s officially released on February 1 (And hopefully, that’s the final release date).

Universal Music Group Distribution and Cash Money Records have changed the release date six times in order to give the album a “proper set-up,” but December 21 was the most recent Rebirth release date, hence the mix-up and shipment before Christmas. Amazon had previously been asked to return their copies, but those 500 copies were shipped regardless. According to Billboard.com, a representative for Amazon has not yet commented on the mishap.

It is believed that, among other reasons (proper promotional set-up being one of them), Rebirth was not ready for the world to hear. More tracks were supposedly going to be added to Weezy’s rocking hip-hop opus, but Billboard only cites “a source,” so it’s not yet confirmed.

For the time being, Amazon no longer has Rebirth listed on their site.

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