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50 Cent may cancel Black Magic album

By ; July 19, 2010 at 7:26 PM 

So much for reinvention, 50 Cent seems to be taking yet another leaf from Eminem’s playbook. He’s opened up about potentially cancelling his Black Magic album, the record he started building buzz for after his last record underperformed. The gangsta shit wasn’t selling, so he talked up a eurodance excursion, which despite its odd sound, made sense considering 50’s pop cuts. He explains the potential cancellation: “Since I’ve made it back to America after recording in the UK and different territories since I was on the road, I started writing different material that don’t quite fit that concept.” He goes on to compare doing so to Em’s moves with Relapse 2 vs. Recovery.

50 seems to be latching on to whatever he can to get his career back on track, and according to his own words, Black Magic would’ve contained rock elements – maybe a Rebirth copy seemed like a good idea until he heard it.

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