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360’s Free EP ‘Everywhere and Back’ Finally Released

By ; April 3, 2012 at 5:55 PM 

That’s right: for those familiar with him, it has indeed finally arrived. Many of you, however, are probably relatively unfamiliar with Queens rapper 360; perhaps you’ve heard his J. Cole collaboration, “What Goes Up”, or maybe you don’t know of him at all. This is due in part to an uphill battle that has kept the MC from dropping a genuine project for just about eight years. That’s right, eight. The guy almost makes Stat Quo look like he’s had an easy career, despite generally being regarded as a complete newcomer.

Still, he’s got some folk excited as a potential soldier in the return of Queens, along with the likes of Action Bronson. Despite the long road that led to Everywhere and Back, 360’s gaining an increasingly healthy buzz behind him, not to mention a loyal fan base more than happy to trumpet his existence to the online world. Watch for him.

In any case, download the “FreEP” after the jump.

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