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Watch: The Shins play new songs live in studio

By ; February 8, 2012 at 8:13 PM 

James Mercer has been playing a couple of solo Shins shows here in Southern California and San Diego’s 91X recorded their session with the songwriter. Not only did he play current single “Simple Song,” but he also debuted a new track from the upcoming Port Of Morrow album, titled “It’s Only Life.” Bookending the set are “Young Pilgrims” and “New Slang.” Watch the whole thing down below.

Update: It seems like 91X has set the video to private. Not sure why, being that they have it even set to private on their own website. But, we’ll keep this up as it is bound to change soon.

Update 2: A new version of the session has been posted with “It’s Only Life” removed. Looks like they are holding on to that one until the album comes out. The new cut of the session is below.

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