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Watch: Sufjan Stevens’ Lego Christmas video

By ; October 3, 2012 at 7:05 AM 

Word on the street is that Sufjan Stevens has a new set of Christmas songs on the way. While nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet, there are certainly plenty to hints towards this happening (or at least something Christmassy happening). Not only has Kitty Pryde posted an update about finishing a song with the Age of Adz man, but Sufjan’s site has become active for the first time…ever, I think. Over the past few days he’s been uploading trailers of Christmas horror movies, videos of Christmas songs done in choral and rock-the-fuck-out style, along with a series of neon coloured .gifs. It’s all been strangely exciting, if not a little jarring for the eyes.

But his latest update is the most promising so far: a stop-motion Lego video set to what sounds like an original Sufjan song. Although the video was made by Sufjan himself back in 2007 while not sleeping in Hong Kong, the track sounds new. Who knows where and when it originates, though. Watch it below, and begin chanting “I am Santa’s helper!”

Update: Ask and ye shall receive another five-volume Christmas boxset.

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