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Watch: Historian – “The Letter”

By ; August 20, 2013 at 9:38 AM 

Historian - Shelf Life

Los Angeles-based musician Historian (aka Chris Karman) is set to release his debut record, Shelf Life, on September 17th via Gazelle Recordings. Born from a desire to investigate the limitless possibilities of modern recording, Shelf Life finds him exploring his obsession with spaced-out sounds, introspective rhythms, and nocturnally-seated reflections. Hypnotically entwining – and at times completely disregarding – traditional song structures, Karman sits calmly on the edge between creative containment and cathartic release.

His latest single, “The Letter,” finds a comfortable niche between layers of subtle electronic flourishes and ragged indie rock bluster. The song seems to purposefully exhale at various points, allowing air to rush in between the notes and instruments – giving the appearance of space threading throughout the track. And it’s this sense of spatial awareness that keeps the song flowing along smoothly, while gently prodding the deeper recesses of your subconscious. The video for “The Letter” blurs the line between reality and dreams by showing the restless sleep of a young woman juxtaposed with images of a face-painted woman standing ritualistically around a bonfire. The two worlds are initially separate but eventually the borders between to fade and each is drawn toward the other. Watch the video for “The Letter” below.


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