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Watch: Foo Fighters – “Hot Buns” (tour trailer skit)

By ; August 29, 2011 at 2:48 PM 

Foo Fighters are heading out on tour again. If there’s any band that could not make any kind of announcement and still sell out arenas across the country, it’s probably Foo Fighters. But this is Dave Grohl and co., and we know they love to put their comedic talents on tape, and we know they do it well, so we’re not complaining. This trailer for the tour, called “Hot Buns” reimagines the band as dirty truckers at a truck stop who have to go for a group shower.

The censored version is embedded below, if you want to see the uncut version then head to hotbuns.foofighters.com.

The full list of tour dates and ticket links can be found here.


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