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Watch: Floridas – “Another Place”

By ; August 30, 2013 at 12:10 PM 

Floridas - Cadboro

Hailing from a small island off the west coast of British Columbia, Floridas — aka multi-instrumentalist Tayler Thompson — creates music that floats somewhere between the languid instrumentalism of Youth Lagoon and the afro-pop sensibilities of Vampire Weekend.  His songs highlight the importance of continual movement and the resulting feeling of accrued momentum drives each track forward to some indefinable end.  Synths weave in and out of hazy melodies and half-glimpsed rhythms, but there is always a steady push toward some distant goal.  And while there is a tendency with music like this to veer into a casual aimlessness, Thompson keeps things undulating and shifting enough to never make it appear that the songs are simply treading water.

With the recent self-release of Floridas’ debut EP, Cadboro, Thompson has shared a video for album cut “Another Place.”  Consisting of seemingly random superimposed images, the video (produced and directed by ROOM) is a perfect fit for the song’s ever-shifting, capricious musical nature.  Weaving together strands of chiming guitars, restrained percussion, and buzzing synths, the track brings to mind dusky evenings on the beach and late-season summer days.  Check out the video for “Another Place” below.

“Another Place” – Floridas from ROOM on Vimeo.


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