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Watch: Dr. Dre Coachella Highlights: 2pac, Eminem & Kendrick Lamar

By ; April 16, 2012 at 10:40 AM 

Here he is, for anyone who hasn’t seen it, the 2pac Coachella performance. What do you think? It’s actually a bit touching: having Pac end the show, rather than simply appear, made it feel as if he’d dropped down from the netherworld to be with us all for a moment. It’s certainly strange to see, and the decision to have him essentially disintegrate at the end is the perfect cold reminder that no matter what technology we develop, he’s gone.

Eminem also popped through. He began, somewhat disapointingly, with “I Need a Doctor”, but it worked, as when Dre actually emerged, they switched to “Forgot About Dre” with some sort of dubstep influence, which actually worked, with Em then performing “Til’ I Collapse”.

Last but not least we bring you Kendrick Lamar’s appearance, coming out to perform “The Recipe” alongside his newfound boss and mentor, easily overshadowing Wiz Khalifa’s appearance just prior.

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