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Watch: David Bronson – “Living In Name”

By ; August 30, 2013 at 10:34 AM 

David Bronson - Living in Name

New York City singer-songwriter David Bronson likes to watch both sides of the mirror – his attention is pulled toward the examination of extremes.  And it’s through the efforts of peeling back the layers of the loud/quiet and introspective/extroverted aspects of his music that he seems most at ease.  Not that the narratives and rhythms of his songs are always so easily categorized but the dichotomy of emotional opposites are often the focal point of his work and are frequently autobiographical as well.  On his upcoming album, The Long Lost, Bronson channels the spirit of his musical heroes (George Harrison, Cat Stevens) and pours everything out in his earnest intimations of 70’s rock.

The Long Lost is the second album Bronson has released this year – though chronologically, it the first half of his semi-autobiographical The Long Lost Storynarrative arc (which includes both Story, previously released this year, and The Long Lost).  And recently, he has shared the video for Long Lost-cut “Living In Name,” which finds him standing in profile, with the camera fixed on his face.  And despite the filters applied to give the video a hand-drawn look – almost roto-scoped in appearance – the visuals feel stripped down and mirror the stark, emotional vulnerability of the song.   Check out the video for “Living In Name” below.

This aspect of differing musical approaches extends even to the videos created for his songs.  Whereas the video for “Living In Name” was bare and sported a primitive video vibe, other clips have been far more complicated in scope and execution.  For a nice contrast, watch the video above and then watch the video for “Us” (from Story) below, which feels and appears much more planned out, with a definite attempt to draw specific moods and emotions from the watcher.  Whether he’s working within the audio or visual spectrums, Bronson lives for the chance to explore these contradictory ideas and approaches.


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