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Watch: Daniel Klag – “Moth Wings”

By ; April 27, 2013 at 12:40 AM 

Daniel Klag - Inner Earth

Ambient and drone artists tend toward the overtly subjective in their music.  And for the most part, electronic composer Daniel Klag is no different, but unlike other artists who simply rely on their machines to do the work for them, Klag manages to impart some sense of humanism into his compositions. The latest single “Moth Wings” from his recent release Inner Earth on Constellation Tatsu seeks to meld the tangible with the formless.  And through its use of minimalist synths and somewhat arrhythmic drones, the song is able to subvert our expectations of the genre and paints a stark aural picture.

Consisting of amorphous shapes and colors and heavily out of focus images, the video for “Moth Wings” explores a hazy and obscured view of life–much in the same way that the song itself revels in its ability to withdrawal any tactile sensations from the things around it. The blue colors may be an ocean or possibly the sky and the red hues might be a sunset or something else entirely, but the video, like the song, is purposefully evocative of things that lay just beneath our subconscious–things that appear briefly on the edges of our periphery.

Inner Earth, the latest release from Daniel Klag, can be streamed in full over at Constellation Tatsu’s Bandcamp page.  Watch the video for “Moth Wings” below.

Daniel Klag – “Moth Wings” from Daniel Klag on Vimeo.

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