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Watch: Childish Gambino brings out Kendrick Lamar & Danny Brown

By ; April 15, 2012 at 12:56 PM 

Some things are worth posting, even on a Sunday. Hip hop heads aren’t too fond of Childish Gambino, and following Pitchfork’s whipping, he went from hipster favorite to an easy target. All this hasn’t changed the fact that Donald Glover seems to simply enjoy what he’s doing, regardless of his lack of finesse. You may not envy the lyricism, but ya gotta give the kid a little credit.

Especially when he’s rolling with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Danny Brown. During his Coachella performance, Gambino brought out both MC’s for a fiery rendition of “You Know Me” (itself a take on Lamar’s “Look Out for Detox”). Gambino spits a short verse at the beginning, but he knows when he’s out gunned, letting his MC friends take the spotlight, essentially taking on the role of hypeman. Save the poor job done by sound engineers, who never raise the guest MC’s vocals to the level of Gambino’s yelps, it’s a pretty cool moment, check it out below.

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