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Watch: Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – “The Bed Song”

By ; February 14, 2013 at 1:08 PM 

The Bed Song

For those following Amanda Palmer and all the creative endeavours that spawned from her 2012 album Theatre is Evil, the wait for “The Bed Song” video has been a long-awaited moment. Bitterly perfect for Valentines Day, Palmer released the new video for the song onto the public which features her lyrics being acted out as Palmer plays the song in a magnificent dress. Wonderfully directed by Michael McQuilken, the video also features the new audio for the track. Palmer has said that’s was unsatisfied with the original version that appeared on the album, and thus plans to offer a download of the new version to all those who bought Theatre is Evil via her Kickstarter (she’ll also offer it up as a pay-what-you-want download, too, for everyone else). Watch the video below, and don’t be at all ashamed to shed some tears because it’s all really beautiful.


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