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Watch: A-Trak – “Tuna Melt (feat. Tommy Trash)”

By ; April 18, 2013 at 12:49 PM 

Tuna Melt

Because a video of things falling over and into other things to make them fall over (i.e. the domino effect) will never get boring, here’s a wonderful video for A-Trak’s “Tuna Melt (feat. Tommy Trash)” from the EP of the same name released last year. Watch as coloured dominoes go on to put paper airplanes and wooden spoons into motion, and kudos for the toast dominoes (which had to be sanded down to get them to stand up, which you can see in the Behind The Scenes video below also). And the track is pretty great, too! Everyone’s a winner, except whoever had to clean up the mess made in the mansion afterwards. Watch it below.

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