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Videos: Desaparecidos reunion show and new Bright Eyes song

By ; August 2, 2010 at 11:44 AM 

Conor Oberst has always been a busy man. If he isn’t writing, recording or touring with Bright Eyes he’s undoubtedly working on another project. In the last three years he has released a solo album, an album with the Mystic Valley Band and one with the super-group Monsters Of Folk. But back way before that he also recorded a post punk album under the name Desaparecidos.

They released one album Read Music/Speak Spanish in 2001 as well as a few other non-album tracks here and there. They toured into 2002 and then, as their name suggested, they disappeared.

Well on Saturday in their hometown of Omaha they reappeared to perform once more at Saddle Creek Records’ ‘Concert For Equality’.

Check out a couple of videos from the show below

Video: Desaparecidos – “Greater Omaha” (Live at ‘Concert For Equality’, July 31st 2010)

Video: Desaparecidos – “Hole In One” (Live at ‘Concert For Equality’, July 31st 2010)

The concert was to raise awareness and gain support against the Fremont Law in Nebraska, which would make it illegal to employ or rent to illegal immigants. Oberst has been one of the most outspoken opposers of the anti-illegal immigration policy in Arizona so it is unsurprising that he helped to organise and performed at this.

Oberst also performed at the event with Bright Eyes, who have been mostly dormant for the last three years whilst he has been off exploring other outlets, so it’s great to see this project back together too. A new video and song are definitely on the way from them (we had a teaser here) and hopefully an album and tour in the near future. In fact Oberst played the new song, entitled “Coyote Song” at the show and you can watch that below.

Video: Bright Eyes – “Coyote Song” (Live at ‘Concert For Equality’, July 31st 2010)

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