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Video Premiere: Wax Idols – “Gold Sneakers”

By ; December 2, 2011 at 1:09 PM 

Wax Idols recently released the album No Future on Hozac Records and it is our privilege to premiere the music video for album track “Gold Sneakers.” Instead of our normal brief description of the clip, we thought we would have Hether Fortune (real name: Heather Fedewa) do that job for us, as we caught up with Wax Idols’ mastermind for a brief chat, which is included below along with the video. Check it out.

One Thirty BPM: Explain to us the concept behind the video.

Hether Fortune: I made the video with my friend Hayden (Shiebler). I sent her a bunch of songs from the record and she chose “Gold Sneakers” as the song that she wanted to direct a video for. It’s the poppiest song on the record, so I didn’t want to have a video that was really glossy. I wanted to bring out the darker aspects of the song, because the song itself is actually quite sad. It was written about someone that I had dated that had died, so it’s a love song, but written after he died, so, obviously, it’s not very happy.

I wanted the video to reflect that, but I also wanted the video to be kind of silly. I’m really into the early videos by The Cure, like the ones from Staring At The Sea – The Images. Those videos were all very staged and dramatic, but also a little hokey. But, while these were the ideas for the approach, we actually had a pretty strong concept going into it. I am, obviously, in a bath and stoned, and I pass out. From there, you can interpret it as a bad dream or that I’m in limbo, but it’s a really miserable environment and you don’t really know what is happening.

That is the basic concept of the video, which is basically what the song is about. I was in love with somebody and then he just died. One second I was just living my life and the next second I was in a nightmare.

WAX IDOLS – GOLD SNEAKERS from Hayden Shiebler on Vimeo.

Tell us about the shooting of the video.

HF: Hayden is relatively new to video making, but she’s one of those people who is a natural. She could do anything. But, I mean, I couldn’t pay her, and we didn’t have a budget or money or anything because we are both broke, so she just borrowed her friend’s camera and we went over to our friend’s apartment, the band Weekend. It is this really bizarre space that used to be a doctor’s office, so all of the rooms are cubicle and it is like a mini-maze. We just went in there, covered all the windows, set up some lights, and created this weird hellish rave. -laughter- It was actually pretty scary when we were all done.

So, what is on the horizon for you now after this video is out?

HF: Well, I have a local record release show on Saturday at Vitus Lounge in Oakland. Also, my band and I have been working on material for a 7″ and I have been demoing stuff for my next full-length already. So, that is in the works.


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