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Video Premiere: Mod Gun – “Clover”

By ; November 15, 2013 at 7:05 AM 


Boston area rockers Mod Gun create music that would have felt right at home among the slew of indie rock upstarts that came together in the early 90’s — bands which called Thrill Jockey and Merge Records their home.  Their penchant for sharp melodic twists, hook-y harmonies, and sometimes jagged guitarwork keeps them from ever feeling like just another band with guitars, adrift in a sea of like-minded peers.  The band thrives on a restless creativity, and this sense of constant movement is evident throughout their music.  Close friends who’ve known each other for years, Mod Gun are able to take this casual familiarity and use it to fashion memorable songs that breathe with the history between each member.  On their latest album, No Beaches (out now), they pen cathartic indie rock that will stimulate your head as well as your inner air-guitarist.

The band recently took some time to film a video for their song “Clover,” taken from No Beaches.  Consisting of footage the band took while travelling the Massachusetts countryside, the clip finds each member finding their respective instrument just lying around for them in the woods.  There are also multiple shots from the perspective of each band member as they get some personal time to film their surroundings — whether it’s driving on the road or simply walking through a bare expanse of trees and shrubs.  The track’s churning guitar riffs and thudding percussion find an oddly inviting home among all these images of nature.  It’s as if the natural world around them were offering the band this music as a gift.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the video for “Clover” taken from Mod Gun’s latest album, No Beaches.

Clover from
Mod Gun on Vimeo.


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