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Video Premiere: Lazy – “Party City”

By ; August 28, 2013 at 10:33 AM 

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Kansas City punks Lazy couldn’t have a more deceptive name — as they are anything but what their name suggests.  Coughing up punk vitriol and pop rhythms in equal measure, the band deals out squalls of crackling guitar riffs, chest-thumping bass lines, jackhammer percussion, and vocals that seem drawn from the darkest, dankest corner of mid-70’s CBGB. Spewing fire from the speakers, the band roars through the sounds that their punk rock forebears created and do so with a manic glee – not unlike that of punk progenitors The Dictators or The Dead Boys.  With the release of their debut LP, Obsession, they’ve placed themselves at the forefront of the recent surge of feverish, punk-inspired bands such as Iceage and Diarrhea Planet.  ButObsession is not some imitation of punk or a limp resurrection of a few key sounds and rhythms. It’s a full bodied, fire-driven explosion of screeching guitars, howling vocals, and acrobatic drumming intent on reliving the glory days of bands like Television and X-Ray Spex.

For our latest glimpse into the world of Obsession, the band has just released the video for “Party City.”  It seems appropriate that this video, chock full of various scenes of summer activities, comes out as the last gasp of summer reaches its peak.  Really, who hasn’t made a swimming pool in the back of a pickup truck or laid various candies out on tables in neat powdered piles?   We all want to remember the fun and – let’s admit it – the stupidity that can come with a great, fun-filled summer.  Tossing off lines of ragged guitar riffage, fanatical vocals, and thunderous drumming, the band makes the perfect soundtrack to the mindless fun we’ve all had in the past few months.  Summer may be coming to a close but Lazy aren’t about to let it go without a fight.

Beats Per Minutes is pleased to premiere the video for “Party City,” taken from Lazy’s debut record, Obsession.

Lazy- Party City from Kevin Schowengerdt on Vimeo.


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