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Video: Porcelain Raft – “Unless You Speak From Your Heart”

By ; January 25, 2012 at 12:46 PM 

In our interview with Mauro Remiddi AKA Porcelain Raft, he told us that he feels videos are able to “underline something that in the music is a little bit difficult” or “disturbing.” At first the video for “Unless You Speak From Your Heart” seems a little goofy, as Remiddi seems to be stuck on some kind of stage with two lifeless imitators, but as the clip progresses, the music intensifies and the quirky dream seems to become much more of a nightmare. I certainly understand where he’s coming from, since having now heard the song accompanied by the video I have realised quite how intense and strange the climax of “Unless You Speak From Your Heart” is. Check out the video below.

“Unless You Speak From Your Heart” is taken from Porcelain Raft’s debut album Strange Weekend, which came out through Secretly Canadian yesterday. Read our review.

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