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Video: Nerves Junior – “Swimmer’s Ear”

By ; January 11, 2012 at 2:45 PM 

Nerves Junior have been a band floating around just under the radar for a little while now. They certainly made some impressions at last year’s CMJ and anyone who has heard their debut record As Bright As Your Night Light can tell you that it is a mighty fine piece of work. It might just take a much talked about video to push them over into the general indie-lover’s consciousness, and with the video for “Swimmer’s Ear” they might have just that.

Written and directed by Zach Hart (best known for his marvelous music blog) the video centers around a man who wakes up in some kind of industrial estate-looking place with a bandaged hand. Beneath the bandaged hand is a switch and when flicked very strange and mysterious things happen; the kinds of things that are much easier watched than described. Check out the video below.

Confused? Well, we have been told directly by the director that “there isn’t a wrong interpretation,” so don’t feel too bad.

As Bright As Your Night Light is out now on SonaBlast! Records.

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