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Video: Metronomy – “The Look”

By ; March 23, 2011 at 8:25 PM 

Cult British dance pop band Metronomy return in a few weeks with the The English Riviera; the follow up to 2009’s Nights Out. Fans eagerly anticipating the new release may have heard and seen the video for first single “She Wants” and been taken aback by how mellow it is compared to previous work. Well that continues throughout The English Riviera and you can have a second taste of it here with “The Look.”

The video is an interesting piece directed by Lorenza Fonda. It shows the band playing the song in a cavernous all white room, randomly shifting positions as the video progresses, but the most interesting part is the birds which you can see above. It follows one bird through the cavernous white room as he comes across a series of other identical looking birds, but each with their own weird characters. It’s certainly worth a watch, not only for the birds but also to check out Joseph Mount’s beast of a synthesizer.

“The Look” will be released worldwide on April 4th and album The English Riviera will be released on April 11th.

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