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Trailer: Arcade Fire presents Scenes From The Suburbs

By ; March 14, 2011 at 4:44 PM 

After winning the Grammy for Best Album of the Year for The Suburbs, you’d think Arcade Fire would take this time to relax and take in their success, but that is definitely not the case. To continue to push their Suburbs brand further, alongside director Spike Jonze, Arcade Fire is set to present a short film titled “Scenes From The Suburbs.”

If you’ve seen the music video for the title track “The Suburbs,” you’ve already been given a sneak peek at what’s in store for the film, but more detailed information has been released today, including a trailer for the DVD coming out in the month of May. The DVD for the film, co-written by Win and Will Butler with Spike Jonze, will also release contiguously with a special edition version of The Suburbs album.

The film stars child actors Sienna Blau, Sam Dillon, Zoe Graham, Zeke Jarmon, Paul Pluymen and Ashlin Williamson. To see the trailer and the full-sized poster, check out the jump below.

[Via The Playlist]

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