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Track Premiere: yOya – “King of Nothing”

By ; June 14, 2013 at 6:41 AM 

yOya - King of Nothing

There’s something inherently fascinating about the way in which yOya’s Alex Pfender and Noah Dietterich meld classic folk songwriting with modern electronic flourishes and beat-based rhythms. And while in some instances it could be seen as appropriate, the “folktronic” label which has been used occasionally in reference to yOya’s sound is overly simplistic and have been misapplied to numerous artists since its somewhat clunky inception years ago. It’s an easy way to describe a set of sounds without getting at the heart of what makes a band and their music function, and so it has become a go-to description for many critics and fans. But if you peel back all the rhythmic layers and labels that exist in reference to this duo, there is a depth and musical ingenuity that makes all those attempts at categorization meaningless.

The latest track, “King of Nothing,” from the Los Angeles-based band is all shimmering harmonies and affecting acoustic accompaniment.  The pop aspects of the track are developed to such a fine sheen that it’s all you can do at times not to be blinded by the shine.  But this is no edgeless pop automaton; the song radiates warmth and intimacy–it’s all campfire inclusivity and soaring vocals.  Pfender and Dietterich know exactly how to extract the essence of pristine, melodic pop from their music, and “King of Nothing” is a testament to their ability to do just that.

Beats Per Minute is proud to premiere the latest track “King of Nothing” from yOya’s upcoming EP Go North.


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