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Track Premiere: TKTTSM – “Eyeyeye” (NAOAN Remix)

By ; May 22, 2013 at 10:28 AM 


Brooklyn-based psychedelic pop duo TKTTSM (an acronym for The Kiss Tried To Smack Me–pronounced “ticketism”) consists of Johanna Stahley and Owen O’Mahony, and the two are continuing to support their self-titled debut record that was released last year via Sumxuni.  They have already shared the psych-rock single “Eyeyeye,” and have now released a remix version of the track from New York City-based production team NAOAN.  Forgoing the indie rock tendencies of the original, NAOAN instead focus on chopping up Stahley’s vocals and layering the bits and pieces over degrading synth lines, subtle piano atmospherics, and simple, extroverted beats.  If a good remix takes on the overt qualities of the artists doing the remixing, then NAOAN have completely overhauled “Eyeyeye” and made it their own.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the NAOAN remix of TKTTSM’s “Eyeyeye” taken from their upcoming debut record.

Listen to the original version of “Eyeyeye” below to compare the before and after.

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