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Track Premiere: This Is Thunder – “Shoot the Moon”

By ; April 8, 2013 at 11:31 AM 

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This Is Thunder brings together San Francisco underground rock veteran Jen Schande (whose past bands include Boyskout and James Murphy-produced Shove) and French electronic experimentalist Nopse, who has previously worked with LA trio Meho Plaza and is gearing up for a solo release on Love Earth Records later this year. The two initially became friends through their shared love of music, and despite the geographical disadvantages, they were able to work out the foundations for their debut in Nopse’s apartment in France, with the majority of the recording done by Monte Vallier at Ruminator Audio in San Francisco.  Swinging between alterna-style rock and more subtle and introspective arrangements, This Is Thunder never settles into one sound for very long before jumping ship and hitting on another curiously memorable melody or oddly effective bit of instrumentation.

The first single, “Shoot the Moon,” from their upcoming debut EP (due out May 28th) blends an angular guitar punch with Schande’s Kathleen Hanna-esque vocals and a pounding rhythm that will have you nodding your head before you reach the first chorus.  Peddling fuzz theatrics and wavering distortion as a viable currency, This Is Thunder pump out both in equal measure throughout “Shoot the Moon.”  Lyrically dealing with the impending implosion of a relationship and the vehement denials that accompany it, the song perfectly encapsulates the chaotic feeling of jumbled and often cacophonous emotions that come along with such a jarring personal experience.

Beats Per Minute is pleased the latest track “Shoot the Moon” from This Is Thunder’s upcoming self-titled debut EP.


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