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Track Premiere: The Petticoat Tearoom – “I Have Been Lost”

By ; June 27, 2013 at 9:12 AM 

The Petticoat Tearoom

Neo-folk band The Petticoat Tearoom are fond of the simple things–musically speaking.  And their latest collection of songs was recorded with this idea of simplicity and everything in its right place.  Lead singer Tomas Pagan Motta elaborates, “the goal is to only use instruments that fit each song–no more, no less.”  Drawing on the energy and creative resonance of their adopted hometown of Baltimore, the band crafts music that feels tied to its folk roots while allowing room for innovation and experimentation.  Embracing a time when auto-tune and digital manipulation were still concepts foreign to studio engineers, Motta and the rest of the band (guitarists Brian Gerber and Chris Plog and bassist John Twiford) laid down the entire record live and directly to tape in one weekend.  The resulting album, The Petticoat Tearoom, will be released and available to purchase on July 30th, though initially only on physical CD and vinyl (no opening day digital for you mp3’ers).

The latest track to be released from their forthcoming album is the bucolic and shuffling “I Have Been Lost.” Treading through gossamer threads of acoustic guitar and an effortlessly casual drum beat, the band combs through the folk traditions of their musical antecedents with a refreshingly honest and inquisitive approach.  There is warmth and intimacy in Motta’s reverbed vocals and the intricately layered instrumentation that feels undeniably tied to the way in which the band recorded them.  Sometimes simplicity can be a very good thing.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the latest track “I Have Been Lost” from The Petticoat Tearoom, taken from their upcoming self-titled record.


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