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Track Premiere: The Hectors – “Episodes”

By ; February 5, 2013 at 1:00 PM 

the hectors
Photo: Tony Markezi

The Hectors are an LA-based quartet that up until this point only have a limited number of songs to their name, from a 5-song EP and a split 7″ single, but nonetheless they’ve already commanded the attention of all those who’ve heard them.

Endeavoring to build upon this nascent fanbase in a big way, vocalist Corinne Dinner and bassist Jim Saunders set about creating their own space and converted two rooms of their new house into a recording studio, within which they’ve created their first full length album Her Dark Majesty. Today we bring you “Episodes” from the album, before it’s released on Tarantism Records on March 5th.

“Episodes” begins with the calm-yet-menacing metallic yawn of a guitar, through which noodling guitars come streaming, forming the basis of this splendid alt rock gem. Although the excellent guitar work guides the song, Dinner’s vocals play a large part in amping up the stakes of the song, shifting from the tense verses to the downright fraughtness of the chorus, dragging the listener’s emotions along with it.

Listen to “Episodes” below and beneath that you can check out the album cover for Her Dark Majesty and another track from it entitled “Sleeper.” Make sure to keep up with The Hectors as they venture forth with their new album by following them on Twitter and Facebook.

Her Dark Majesty cover art:


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