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Track Premiere: Picture Day – “One of Us”

By ; April 25, 2013 at 7:48 AM 

Picture Day

St. Louis-based indie rock band Picture Day rose from the ashes of local rock favorites Tomato Team and are continuing to pay homage to artists like Robert Pollard and Roger Daltry.  Principal songwriter and band leader Brian Wiegert has also released three hip-hop records with fellow Picture Day member Jordan Ross under the moniker MLD, and the full band often participates in Ween tribute nights in their hometown.  The band has just self-released its latest collection of indie rock tunes on their Every Day Is Picture Day EP.  The band’s latest single “One of Us” from their recent EP is definitely heavier and more riff-oriented than many of the other tracks on the record, which tend to hew closer to their own well-established Guided By Voices/mid-era David Bowie aesthetic.  According to Wiegert, “”One of Us” was inspired by the desire to play something with an honest-to-God riff. We’re not often a heavy band, but it’s definitely part of our musical DNA.” He even goes on to mention that the inspiration for this stylistic detour was inspired by the sheer insanity of band favorites and genre-hoppers Ween. With crunching guitar riffs, pounding percussion, and an immediate sense of forward momentum, “One of Us” never seems to stand still for any appreciable amount of time and barrels ahead longing for some deserted highway in desperate need of some well-placed skid marks.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the latest track “One of Us” from Picture Day’s recently released EP.


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