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Track Premiere: Dead Bugs – “Unbearable Weight”

By ; May 13, 2013 at 7:10 AM 

Dead Bugs - Of A Feather

New Jersey-based experimental folk project Dead Bugs is the primary care of multi-instrumentalist Adam Martin, though you will find numerous assorted collaborators scattered across the Dead Bugs discography, which you can hear streaming in its entirety here. Finding its roots in the aesthetics of indie, folk, and punk rock, Dead Bugs is Martin’s attempt at bringing together the slew of influences that have guided him throughout his formative musical years and on through to his upcoming album Of A Feather which is due out tomorrow via Already Dead Tapes.  Approaching each album as a new way to expose and detail aspects of failed relationships, love and lust, and lies versus honesty, Martin keeps to the basics and allows the uncluttered instrumentation and direct emotional resonance of his lyrics to settle in under the listener’s skin, conveying the simple sense of inclusivity that is a hallmark of Dead Bugs’ music.

The latest song from Martin is called “Unbearable Weight” and it is the lead-off track from his latest release Of A Feather.  Combining the simplicity of gently strummed acoustic guitar with the nuanced feeling behind his softly cooed vocals, Martin displays a subtle appreciation for the effectiveness of music recorded with as little interference between the listener and artist as possible. Augmented by a shuffling drum beat and the tinkling of what sounds like some toy piano, though given his penchant for creative instrumentation, it could be a range of things, “Unbearable Weight” strikes just the right balance between intense bedroom introspection and communal campfire story-telling.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere that latest track “Unbearable Weight” from Dead Bugs’ forthcoming record Of A Feather.

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