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Track Premiere: Ciro Madd – “Long Time”

By ; October 31, 2012 at 7:17 AM 

São Paulo-born Ciro Madd seems to have a preternatural ability to translate 60’s psychedelic pop into something which sounds like a cross between Crosby, Stills, & Nash and the offbeat psych-folk experimentalism of The Incredible String Band.  And while his songs never really approach the florid freak-outs common to some of The Incredible String Band’s albums, there seems to be a restless creativity just under the surface of his songs.  Delving further into lo-fi production than his folk antecedents,  Ciro Madd blends the acoustic habits of folk with the intensity of Red Krayola-indebted psych rock.    His debut album Sleeping In the Rough Sea is set to come out on November 13th via Pug Records and will available in very limited quantities.  Head over to their website on the 13th and grab one before they sell out.

In advance of Sleeping In the Rough Sea‘s release date, Ciro Madd and his label, Pug Records, has given us the first taste of the new album.  “Long Time” plays around with a shuffling beat and vocals that seem to slip in between the instruments at a moment’s notice, almost as if they’re afraid of being noticed, before slipping back in the lead and guiding the song along.  The song has a graceful Pacific roll to it, with each steady piano chord feeling set and carefully placed.  The echo that hugs his vocals feel like a warm blanket that wraps the listener up in a familiar and comforting cocoon.  The shaky psych guitar line that slides in towards the end of the song feels welcome and oddly captivating.  If the song feels strangely familiar, there’s a good reason for that.  We’ve heard all this before–the odd bits of folk and psych thrown together–but rarely has it been put together so meticulously or with so much obvious affection for the material.

Beats Per Minute is proud to premiere “Long Time” by Ciro Madd off his upcoming Pug Records release, Sleeping In the Rough Sea.



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